Building Process


The Builder Assist Program

The Commuter Craft Innovator™ kit aircraft program is designed so you can meet the FAA 51% rule, building in a factory-support environment in less than 3 weeks. The typical builder takes an average of 7 years to build a kit aircraft. They also move the project an average of 3 times, damaging and losing parts. With the Commuter Craft Builder Assist Program, you build the airframe in less than 3 weeks. With optional package programs for the engine, instrument, and completion packages, you can have the aircraft finished and flying in less than 3 months.

Having a flying aircraft six years sooner is tremendous, along with a peace of mind that your aircraft was built in a factory. It also saves a lot of money. Six years of rent and insurance on the typical home-built project alone cost more than the entire build.Lower insurance and increased resale value pay dividends for years to come. Our Aircraft Builder Guide Booklet outlines the process.


How It Works

You build your Innovator in factory jigs and fixtures, eliminating set-up time and reducing build time up to 86%. You will have a trained professional working with you to ensure you know the proper way to perform each task with on-site build guide, quality validation checks and process recording tooling. Even the paperwork is automated to keep you on track. You spend your time building, not scratching your head at the end of the project. You know you built a superior aircraft and have the builder's log to prove it. The quality of your Innovator aircraft will be higher than the average home-built project and when you show them how you did it, your friends will be excited to fly with you.