Fast, Comfortable, Agile…Simply Beautiful!



Safety Features Include...

  • Highly stall and spin resistant configuration, eliminating the number one safety issue for personal aircraft.
  • Canard stalls first, lowering the nose to prevent main wing stall
  • Lands slowly, reducing the kinetic energy
  • Lands in a short distance, allowing use of shorter airfields and grass fields
  • Robust main gear, for use on grass fields
  • Low slung dash for increased visibility
  • Cushioned side panels and enclosure increases safety for occupants
  • Comfortable and supportive seats promote diligent flight
  • Optional ballistic parachute provides the last failsafe


Our verified performance specs for ShipOne (our prototype aircraft), and projected specs for coming designs are now available.

The Innovator™ Aircraft achieves excellent fuel mileage and is more “green” than other designs.  This is due in part to its light weight and sleek aerodynamic design.  The high efficiency of the Innovator™ aircraft means better performance and longer range.  This range can be increased further by installing the optional long-range fuel tanks.



The cockpit is sports-car like yet more comfortable.  Side-by-side seating maximizes comfort and safety. At 60 inches, the cabin is significantly wider than other aircraft in its class. The cockpit canopy provides generous headroom.  The controls are positioned for natural and comfortable use.

The seating is reclined like a fighter jet seat, supporting the back, head and legs. The design of the seats reduces pressure points and provides a new level of comfort for long trips. Armrests are six-inches wide in the outboard strakes and a 12 inch wide console resides between the seats.

The seat back and rudder pedals are both adjustable for people ranging from 5’2” to 6’9” in height, and they accommodate occupants weighing over 300 pounds. These features differ markedly from other light sport and general aviation aircraft, which cannot easily accommodate large people.