In short, why I should be excited about Commuter Craft?

Commuter Craft’s product line and business model are a leap forward in performance, service, and cost.

The Innovator provides great performance and economic operation and low initial cost that make personal aviation practical.  The styling, safety and comfort features make it cool.

The factory builder assist reduces the time it takes to build it by over 80%, and combined programs cut total cost of owning and operating an airplane drastically.

What are Commuter Craft’s competitive advantages?

Commuter Craft’s advantage starts with an incredible team of professionals who have come together in a grass roots effort to develop a superior business foundation in 5 key areas: product design, manufacturing, service, marketing and sales.  The patentable products and manufacturing process are total game changers.

How much is the Innovator™ Aircraft going to cost?

This depends a lot on the builder.  It actually could be built for under $110,000 but most people will spend about $135,000 with all new equipment, a nice panel, paint and interior. With an IFR panel, Constant Speed Prop, high performance engine, very nice interior and paint job, you are probably looking at $169,000.  In addition to the mandatory builder assist that gets the airframe built in about 3 weeks, other options reduce time to completion so a builder could have a flying aircraft in 2 to 3 months.


What steps is Commuter Craft taking to make the kits easier and faster to build?

Commuter Craft products start with well designed molded parts that are bonded together in controlled tooling.  All airframes will be built at the factory with a builder support specialist.  Once the airframe is built, pre-packaged engine and instrument systems will provide a plug-and-play solution to shorten the build time further.  Whether the builder is a 70 year-old mechanic or a 25 year-old computer technician, the project will go quickly with a result they can be proud of.

What are the anticipated processes for acquiring insurance on an Innovator Aircraft?

Insurance for experimental aircraft like most things depend on the insurers experience and knowledge of the airframe and the pilot’s experience in type or similar aircraft.  Commuter Craft continues to work with insurance companies to assure insurability for our products including that many features of the Innovator and the build process were designed to be “Insurance Friendly.”  Additionally each customer will get transition training to provide time in type prior to completion of their aircraft.

How much do I have to do to meet the 51% rule?

The simple answer is 51% but the answer is deeper than that.  In the past, it was somewhat subjective as to what constituted 51%.  Now there are points for certain functions of the build.  Meet the formulas and you meet the 51% requirement.  Even better, there is a kit evaluation team that goes through the manufacturers’ kit and approves kits for the program.  Due to the low part count and by building in company jigs, the builder can be sure he meets the rule and get the aircraft built in a relatively short time.  Some processes, such as installing the engine and instruments, count little towards the 51% rule. The Company can complete these tasks for you, as desired.

What if I am not good with saws and drills and other tools?

It will not matter.  As a builder, your participation will be assembly, not fabrication.  Any drilling will be done in a fixture with a drill guide and a coach to help make sure it is done right.   Any skills you need will be taught as part of the build process.

How long is it going to take to put the Innovator™ Aircraft together?

You will build the airframe in less than three weeks in the factory. With additional support options, Commuter Craft can largely finish your Innovator so you can have a flying aircraft in less than 3 months.